What is Database? Beginner Guide Database

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What is Database 

Definition of database 

Database is a collection of data, which is organized in such a way that it can be easily accessed and managed.
What is Database? Beginner Guide Database

Database means in simple language, storage of data.

Database is stored in many ways, like
  • Document
  • Worksheet
  • Program files

How Database Works

When there is a dynamic website or as many big websites, a database is created for everyone. When a user visits a website, first of all he goes to the server where the website's data store is.

After that fetch from the data that is in that website, you are shown the result.

What is DBMS

DBMS (Database Management System) is Computer Programs, which manages the database.

In simple language, there is DBMS Software System, which we create, define, maintain and control the database.
Insert, Edit, Delete, Access and Update etc in Maintain means, database.

There is a lot of maintenance work in the database

For example:

- Details must be added for a student name.

- Student Details will have to be edited.

- To update the number of a student.

Many software has been made to manage the database. It makes your work a lot easier, like

  • Database create, delete
  • Create a table
  • Accessing data
  • Insert, update, delete data
Note: DBMS also keeps our data secure.

DBMS has a lot of software, all of them are very popular.

  • Mysql
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  •   PostgreSQL
  • SimpleDB

Some Main Components of DBMS

Here we will talk about some DBMS components which is very important.

What is Table 

Table is used to store data in DBMS. The table is made up of rows and columns.

What is Field 

There are many entities in the table in which data is written.

What is Row 

Rows are used for specific individual entry and data collection in the table.

What is Column

Column vertical entities are called

What is NULL 

When someone does not write the value in the table then it is called Null value.

Some Database Operations

I have given you the operation with an example, how the database works.

In all the examples, the name of the customers table is

1. Insert

If Agar adds some DBMS, it is called Insert Operation.

For example:

INSERT INTO Customers (CustomerName, Contact) VALUES ('Cardinal', '7356743344');

2. Delete

If you want to remove any information in the data, then Delete Operation is run.

For example:

Delete from Customers where id =5;

3. Update

For whatever information we need to update, let us run the update query.

For example:

UPDATE Customers SET ContactName='Name' WHERE Country='karachi';

4. Select

Accessing any information from the database.

For example:

SELECT id, firstname, lastname FROM Customers;


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