What is Instagram Reels? How to use Instagram Reels?

What is Instagram Reels? How to use Instagram Reels ?: - As you know Tiktokers have suffered a lot after being Tiktok Ban inside India who were Tiktoker .

And there were a lot of good followers on his Tiktok , there were Likes and there he used to make his own videos and because of being a Tiktok Ban , he could not do all this.

But now there is a good news TikTokers so that they will be able to upload and upload videos like the same Tiktok again, which is an app, let's know

What is Instagram Reels? How to use Instagram Reels?

What is Instagram Reels | How to use Instagram Reels  ?: - Friends, Tiktok has not been in India for 10 weeks now.

Before that, Instagram has brought a very good platform for a Tiktoker .

 In which by creating Shorts Video, you will be able to upload the same Instagram as Tiktok , which has brought this feature.

Its name is Instagram Reels where you can create a 15-second short video and upload it.

And in this you will get all the same options that you used to get in Tiktok   .

Like you can add audio, you could add effect to it, you could slow down the video

Meaning, all those features that you used to see in Tiktok , now you will also get all those in Instagram .

Friends, this feature will be beneficial that you can upload your 15 Second Video on Instagram.

And with this you can add any song to the background.

Instagram is as big a popular music company with Zeemusic as possible with tie up T-Series

If they produce a song in India, they have a direct tie up with them.

After that you will find every song available there, which you can easily search and use.

Also if a song is not available on it

There is also an option in the Reels Feature, you can add that song from your Local Mobile Library and make a video on it

How to use Instagram Reels 

First of all you have to open Instagram in your mobile and after that you click on the camera option

Then as soon as you click the record button, after that you will see the option of reels

Like when you make Boomerang or use any filters in Instagram

When you make a story or go live, the same reels you option of .

And then you can create reels by clicking on it, after that after making video you can share on use Instagram feed

Or you can share it on IGTV or you can share it on explore page

Enable Instagram Reels Option

If Instagram's Reels option has not yet been enabled within your Instagram, then there is no reason to panic.
To enable Reels Option you have to go inside your Play store and write Instagram there .

And you have to come down a bit, below you will see an option of Join Instagram beta

You have to click on it and join it and your app also update .

As soon as you click on join, after some time you have to open Instagram app .

After that you have to go to the search option as soon as you go to the search option

You will see the option of those reels , after this you have to click on it

From there, you will start to show saree videos like Tiktok .

And if you want to create a video, then when you click on the option of reels

So there will be a camera option on the corner in the top side

From there you can create video, you can also add music ( What is instagram reels  )

Monetization Option

As far as Monetization is concerned , right now inside Instagram Reels  concerned, there is no option of Monetization .

As its creators grow and the company needs

That we should now enable the option of monetization in it so that people become more motivate and create content!

And Option all of a sudden will not Provide slowly this Feature everyone by gently Instagram   is in all the right will enable the application

Whenever a new update comes, it is not given to everyone at once, it is gradually enabled in everyone's mobile after updating the app

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