How to make URL Shortener website

We will try to give you complete information through today's post. We will tell you about this in very simple language, hope that you will like our today's post How to make URL Shortener website, like our previous post, about which we will give you all the information.

On this post today, we will talk that you can earn a lot of money by creating a Link Shortener Website and by applying Adsense Ads or by applying Ads of another company. Today I am going to tell you step by step that you can create a Link Shortener Website without any knowledge of coding programming.

To create a Link Shortener Website you have to follow three steps. First of all, you have to purchase a Domain Name, Domain is the name of your website, which you have to get registered.

There are very good websites to get domain registered, out of which Bigrick and Godaddy is a very good website, you can get registered from there.

  • The second step comes to buy web hosting. When you check the name of your website, to keep the data of that website, you need to have space on the Internet, it is called hosting.

There are also very good websites to buy hosting, but Micro hosting and Godaddy is a great website where you can do a good hosting purchase quite cheaply.

  •  The third step comes to link your domain to your hosting.
After following these three steps, you have to upload your script in your panel and your website will be launched and you can make as many changes as you want.

   So all the work is to be done step by step, the complete information is given below, follow all those steps with the help of which you can create your own Link Shortener website.

Purchase a Domain Name 

To create a Link Shortener Website, first of all you have to get your domain name registered, then firstly you buy your website name from any website which provides the domain name at a very cheap price. 

If you do not know how to purchase a domain name, then you can search for it by searching on YouTube and you will get many videos related to it to register the domain name.

Purchase Hosting 

You can buy any web hosting website. For this, you can buy a Web Hosting by visiting any website which provides hosting at a very cheap price.

Download Link Shortener Website Script

After doing all this, you now need a Link Shortener Website Script, which you will install on your control panel and launch your Link Shortener Website live.

If you do not know the coding program, you will have to purchase a Link Shortener Website Script, which you can purchase from the official website of the themeforest, AdLinkFly Script for $ 59. To purchase the Link Shortener Website from the themeforest,

 you can purchase this script by clicking here, and if you want free this Link Shortener Website 

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